Automatic core shooters of the KSA 20-30 series are available for shot volumes of 20, 25 or 30 Liters respectively and are designed for large quantities of sand cores. The enclosure surrounding the automatic core shooter is available in two designs, for manual or automatic core removal.

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Special features:

  • Rugged and compact four-column design,
  • Does not require a foundation for installation,
  • Small lot sizes of cores to be produced,
  • Short changeover times to other core boxes,
  • Hydraulic clamping of the shooting head,
  • Mechanical or hydraulic quick-clamping system for the drag,
  • Mechanical or hydraulic systems for the seating of the cope (for the horizontal split design),
  • Vacuum or magnetic chucking of the core box halves,
  • Optimum core box clamping of core boxes of the vertical split design through hydraulically adjustable clamping stations, and
  • Standard equipment for two single items in the core box.
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