Continuous mixers of the CM 15-60 series are designed for the continuous preparation of molding materials in the no-bake process on a furan, phenol or polyurethane basis. They can also be used for organic molding materials on a water glass basis. Continuous mixers of the CM 3-8 series are designed for making cores and molds.

Special features:

  • Proven and tested mixers for the homogeneous preparation of molding materials while maintaining a high level of wear resistance,
  • Easy to maintain owing to trough bowls hinged for sideways opening, with quick-acting fasteners,
  • Mixers fitted with wear liners of high stability under load,
  • Mixing screw with adjustable mixing vane base bodies and screwed-on mixing vane attachments for wear protection, permanent mold casting for very long service life; mixing vane inserts designed for easy replacement,
  • Driven by an electric motor with soft start of the swivel joints, as an option,
  • The sand is fed to the mixer via an enclosed conveyor belt for fast sand change,
  • Infinitely adjustable sand flow rate via a sand gate valve with electromagnetic control,
  • Switchover of the preparation throughput via a step switch on the control box,
  • Frequency-controlled pumps feed the binder systems to the mixer controlled via limitation of the flow rate; here, the flow rate is monitored at the metering valves,
  • System control via PLC control in "Automatic" or "Manual" modes, programs are available for sand or binder volumetric calibration, and
  • Control via radio remote control as an option.

CM 3-8 stationary continuous mixers of the single joint or double-joint design

These are used to produce molds or cores at a throughput of 3 to 8 t/h. Comes with customized variable outreach through adjustment of the conveying screw or the conveyor belt.

CM 15-60 stationary continuous mixers with a preparation throughput of 15 to 60 t/h

The solid components (new sand, reclaimed material or similar) can be fed to the mixer via a screw conveyor or conveyor belt which can also be customized to customer specifications. The maximum outreach is 9,000 mm.

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