KTM core dipping machines

Core dipping machines are designed for dipping sand cores in a water-soluble or alcoholic black wash.

  • Double-walled dip tanks with a filling level probe made of stainless steel, integral overflow gutter on four sides and a diaphragm pump with a pneumatic agitator,
  • Annular passage extraction for alcoholic black wash,
  • Topping up the premixed alcoholic black wash from the ring mains provided by the customer,
  • Removal of core debris, and
  • Uniform filling level of the black wash owing to circumferential crest line.

FA flooding systems

FA flooding systems are designed for the manual flooding of core box halves or cores with water-soluble or alcoholic black wash.

  • The core box halves are arranged above the black wash collecting tanks, the pneumatic diaphragm pump with pulse compensation feeds the black wash, the black wash flows to the black wash holding tank via the hose connection with a pneumatic agitator.

Core turning crossheads

KWT core turning crossheads are designed for the positive fixing, clamping and turning of foundry casting cores or mold faces for dipping in a black wash or flooding basin.

  • The core turning crosshead is attached to a hoisting device at a distance defined by the customer, the core or the mold is centered, clamped, positioned, lowered, turned in the black wash, and lifted out for dripping.
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